Mission and Values

Our Mission

We work to build a better world by strengthening the ability of mission-driven organizations and philanthropists to achieve breakthrough results in addressing society’s most important challenges and opportunities.

The Bridgespan Group’s Values


We value performance and results. We set and hold ourselves accountable for high standards.


We work as a team within The Bridgespan Group and with our clients. We share what we know and try to align our efforts with those of others who are dedicated to achieving social impact.


We are committed to making a difference through our work. We seek to understand what can be, not simply what is.


We listen to and learn from our clients, funders, and one another. We value diverse perspectives and strive to incorporate them in our work. We act with humility, certain we have as much to learn as to contribute.


Good choices are grounded in good information. We value facts and feedback, speak our minds, and understand that hard choices and difficult trade-offs are often necessary.